Based on ultrafast femtosecond lasers, our research is mainly focus on the fundamental physical cognition on the transient interaction between light (laser) and matter (micro-nanostructures and devices) on femtosecond time-resolved scale, and this transient interaction contains photo-electronic and electro-photonic conversion dynamics processes.       

Time-resolved ultrafast spectroscopy has attracted great attention, since it can be used to understand the nature of elementary dynamics in artificial complex and biological systems. In our lab, we possess self-build femtosecond transient absorption system and femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion system using commercial femtosecond laser source. Dependent on the time-resolved ultrafast spectroscopy, the understanding of these ultrafast processes is very meaningful for the explanation of the photophysics of novel materials.

In ultrafast spectroscopy studies, our laboratory is committed to study the fundamental photophysics progress, and the study fields can be classified into four catagories: (1) dynamic study of high efficiency illume-nanomaterial, such as semiconductor quantum dots, graphene quantum dots, polymer quantum dots.(2) charge separation process within the nano-interface, such as protein. (3) surface plamon based coupling system.(4)perovskite-based optical devices, such as solar cell, and light-emitting devices.