• Xue-Yan Li李雪研
  • Lecturer
  • Department of electronic information engineering


2008 - present:  Lecturer, department of electronic information engineering, school of electronic science and engineering, Jilin Universiity.

2013.11-2014.12: As a visiting scholar at the state university of New York at Buffalo, she is engaged in the research of deep learning technology.

In 2008: Got PhD in engineering. The main research areas are machine learning, image understanding and analysis.

Research Area:

Machine learning, image understanding and analysis.

Selected Publications:

(1) Automatic Organ Segmentation for CT Scans Based on Super-Pixel and Convolutional Neural Networks[J]. Journal of Digital Imaging, 2018:1-13

(2) Automatic segmentation of liver tumors from multiphase contrast-enhanced CT images based on FCNs[J]. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 2017, 83:58-66

(3) Liver lesion segmentation in CT images with MK-FCN[C]. Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automation Control Conference. IEEE, 2017:1794-1798

(4) 基于全卷积神经网络的肝脏CT 影像分割研究[J]. 计算机工程与应用, 2017, 53(18):126-131

(5) 基于半监督阶梯网络的肝脏CT影像分割[J]. 吉林大学学报(信息科学版), 2018(2)

(6) 基于中心-轮廓距离特征统计的形状表示方法[J].电子与信息学报, 2015, 37(6):1365-1371

(7) Shape feature extraction using dual-tree complex wavelet moment invariants method. 9th International Symposium on Multispectral Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2015: 98120

(8) 基于椭圆傅里叶描述子的形状表示的研究[J]. 计算机工程与应用, 2014, 50(2):170-174