NPID group research field:

Human micromachining technology has enabled them to process the material at the nano-scale, control electronic and photon behaviors, and manufacture optoelectronic devices. Thus the micro-nano photonics was born. Nano-scale optoelectronic devices exhibit many new features. According to these characteristics, production of new devices is constantly improving people's lives. The main research of NPID group is silicon based micro-nano optoelectronic devices. And it is committed to promoting micro-nano silicon optoelectronic device applications into high-speed, energy-saving and sensor etc.

1. Silicon based micro-nano optoelectronic integrated device

The demand for processing and transmission of information is shown an explosive growth. However, the energy consumption is enormous. With photons replacing electrons, nano optoelectronic integrated device replacing single electronic, photonic devices will become the mainstream research. The research interests includes optoelectronic devices aiming at the high-speed low-power target various, which includes optical modulators, optical detectors, A/D converter, (De)MUX, AOC and So on.

2. Optoelectronic integrated sensors

Various sensors, as internet of things physical layer will have a huge market potential. The optoelectronic devices and sensor integration will be a novel development for the future. The research field includes optoelectronic integrated biochip, gas sensor chips, and so on.

3. 3D-OEIC:

Current silicon-based optoelectronic integrated device is mainly used SOI. However, electrical IC is still fabricated on the bulk silicon mainly because of the relatively poor thermal properties of SOI. Based on bulk silicon IC, using 3D-OEIC optoelectronic integrated technology will combine advantages of both photonic and electronic IC. The research interests include post-of-the-line based, integrated materials, process technology etc.

4. Photon, electrons, phonons features in micro and nanostructures

It includes nonlinear optics, acousto-optic, piezoelectric and other characteristics. The research interest includes, photonic crystals, phonon crystal, cloak and so on.

The latest progress:


Streaming silicon wafer                                           Packaging platform

Package optical phased array                                            testing platform


Adjust the wavelength 1520~1570nm, Horizontal scanning    Adjust the micro heater 0~500mW,Vertical scanning